NGC 7000, NGC 6974, IC 1318 a okolí + IR

NGC 7000, NGC 6974, IC 1318

NGC 7000, NGC 6974, IC 1318 + Infrared


Dvě téměř zapomenuté fotky z lokace jižně od Prahy, focené loni v létě v noci z 16. na 17. června. Velmi krátká noc, slunce definitivně zapadlo snad až před jedenáctou a po druhé už zase začalo svítat. Zato divokých psů a prasat v okolní vysoké trávě bylo požehnaně :)


Horní fotografie je jen viditelné světlo, dolní má modrý overlay v IR pásmu nad 742nm. Kvalita je sice mizerná, základ je vždy jen jedna fotografie, ale mě se to líbí.


Canon 30D, MC mod
Canon EF 35mm/F2
HEQ5, ustavena tentokrát driftovou metodou
Astronomik CLS-CCD: 1x600s @ F4.0, ISO 1000
Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742: 1x300s @ F4.0, ISO 1000
0x Flat/Dark/Bias
Zpracování v CR a PS

4 thoughts on “NGC 7000, NGC 6974, IC 1318 a okolí + IR

  1. Hey, I don’t read Czech, but those are beautiful pics! Where did you get a dark enough sky to take them?

    1. Thanks! :) I took them few kilometers from Prague. You have to search for a place not far from the city to still be it enough convenient, there are so many villages in CZ. Although, to get a really dark sky you have to go to mountains. No time for that these days unfortunately..

  2. Very nice!

    I was going to say that I’d not heard of amateur IR astrophotography, but then realized I’ve heard of modded Canons with the CCD IR filter removed… Is that what your “Canon 30D, MC mod” is?

    I’ve dabbled a little in astrophotography myself (, with mediocre results. There’s no substitute for good equipment and dark skies, although I’ve been surprised by how decent conditions are in the middle of Silicon Valley… I suppose there’s also no substitute for good weather. :)

    1. Thanks :) Yes, “Canon 30D, MC mod” is the modified camera: the original UV+IR blocking filter has been removed and an optical glass with just anti-reflective layers has been added instead + auto focus has been adjusted. The visual difference is visible here, first image is a modified camera image, second is an unmodified one. “MC” modification gives the full spectrum the chip can handle.

      Indeed, I’ve used filters for the images – CLS-CCD which blocks urban lights and (because otherwise stars would not be sharp) also cuts off UV+IR. This let’s you take pictures closer to towns where sky is still light polluted. The IR blue overlay is a separate image with an IR-only passing filter. But yes, all over it the weather is a bitch :) To have a a really bright sky + good seeing is rare. And when is the best weather? When there is a full moon :D

      I really like your M82 supernova picture! Really a good one!

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