Get NSPR log from tryserver run

Mozilla tryserver nspr log


Get an NSPR log with your choice of modules from a try run.  So far works only for mochitests but I think can be extended for other test harness as well.

Based on an advice from Phil Ringnalda at this bug comment. The feature has just landed on mozilla-central.

  • Open file testing/mochitest/
  • Search for NSPR_LOG_MODULES = "", should look as:
    # Set the desired log modules you want an NSPR log be produced by a try run for, or leave blank to disable the feature.
    # This will be passed to NSPR_LOG_MODULES environment variable. Try run will then put a download link for the log file
    # on
  • Change the empty string "" to a string with list of all your modules and levels to produce the log for
  • Push this modification to try along with your patch(es)
  • All produced NSPR logs in a single zip file are then uploaded for each completed run to amazonaws, you will find the link in the results window at the bottom of

Note: doesn't work for B2G so far, there is no way to upload the logs.

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