Filter out errors out of mozilla build on command line

Mozilla build errors filtered once again under the build log

I wrote a small filter script that lists all build errors once again at the bottom of the whole build log, so that you don't have to look for them like for a needle in a haystack. Something I wanted mach to do natively.  But I was always told something like "filter yourself".  So here it is :)

  • Download this small script *)
  • Copy it to your source directory or somewhere your $PATH points to
  • run mach as: ./mach build | err

When there are errors during build, those will be listed under the build log and conveniently highlighted.

*) It's tuned for and mainly targeting mingw, but might well work on linux/osx too.

4 thoughts on “Filter out errors out of mozilla build on command line

    1. Yep, although, my small filter script is more about listing the errors at the bottom in a compact view, so that one doesn't have to search for them very inconveniently somewhere in the large build log output. Highlighting is just a nice side product of it. The post may use some update. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Yes, I was surprised as well. We have a good filtering for warnings, but apparently from some reason I don't fully understand we cannot do the same for errors.

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