Brendan Eich - what the heck?

Mozilla has few hundred employes and even more volunteers and outside contributors.  Worldwide.  I don't know them all by person - and I never will.  I even don't know Brendan Eich in person.

When you look at this just purely statistically, it's clear that all these people creating Mozilla are of different religion, opinions to global warming, occupation of Tibet, human rights in Russia, China, global economical system, sexual orientation, or just of different favorite color.  And no one says "you don't like pink color?  Then I can't work with you!"

This is the same with any larger company and actually any group of people that do something as a team.

We all in Mozilla work together and do it as good as we can and create something that I think has an impact on the world and most of you out there like it.  For instance, one of my managers is a Catholic - strongly believing.  I am an atheist - also very strongly believing.  Do you think it matters?  No!  What only I'm interested in is how anyone I cooperate with does its job - that's the only thing that matters - at least to me.

I don't agree with Brendan Eich's opinion on forbidding gay marriage but I very much respect him as a technical mind.  Period.


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5 thoughts on “Brendan Eich - what the heck?

  1. Brendam nomination seems to upset some LGBT simpatizers in Mozilla.
    This erupted a big reaction in LGBT global comunity (E.g: petition, Okcupid, etc...)
    However from outside Mozilla, outside LGBT and outside prop8 proponents, I can't find fair, sane and moderated decisions on the subject and could'nt agree with action taken by people who manifested.

    1. Why "diversity" preconized should not include the non-believers like Brendan?
    2. What else did Brenan to ruin Mozilla, Open Web, and People? He did'nt contribute anything? Did he kill somebody, stole something?
    3. Why the reason he was choosen do not count?
    3. Why manifesters have the power to depose Mozilla CEO? They contribution weighs more than Brendam?
    4. Why people in Mozilla that requested public CEO resignation aren't fired? In 99% of companies they will when damaging company reputation. Maybe it's a Mozilla weakness or a attribute?
    5. Can OkCupid damage Mozilla reputation even after despite being favored from its contributions for users and web over the years? This is gratitude?
    6. Forcing Brendam to accept "gay marriage" is a ethic attitude even he doesn't belive this or does the opposite? Why the public apologies is the only way to get perdon? This is retaliation?

    I see Mozilla staff taking careful actions to not alienate LGBT users after the incident.
    I see some "gay" people who don't agree with Brendam personal beliefs but don't agree with this reaction.
    Maybe this would be a first reaction and people will reconsider after thinking more and weighting all arguments. Thereafter they will add more balance in his opinions about the issue.
    However remains to the manifesters to prove that are sane and don't are overreacting.

  2. Hey Jrz, I've got an explanation about this, after talking it over with some friends.
    QUILTBAG means "Queer, Undeclared, Intersexed, Lesbian, Transitional, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay, Straight ally"

    Unprivileged minority groups are accustomed to being oppressed throughout history, and QUILTBAGS are no different. However, they are able to celebrate some recent big steps toward legal recognition and fairness for every orientation. Sadly, there are many who constantly oppose anything they accomplish, and some members of this opposition, like Dan Cathy or Billy Graham, have incredible resources and influence. They can reverse or prevent many of those "big steps" in other areas. Constantly fighting similar battles leaves many QUILTBAGS extremely sensitive and a little paranoid about any opposition.

    "Mozilla" is an influential and important symbol that includes a corporation, a foundation, tons of volunteers, software, hardware, and a set of ideals. Mozilla in its various forms does a lot of real good and holds itself to a higher standard. Despite its flaws, literally millions of people worldwide believe in it as a Good Thing for everyone. I know I do. And so, an already high standard becomes a nearly impossible standard in the world's eyes.

    Brendan Eich was appointed CEO of the Mozilla Corporation, a pretty major part of "Mozilla", which has influence and unique resources. In 2008, he contributed some of his personal resources to an effort attempting to reverse something the QUILTBAG community accomplished. The effort failed, but the fight still stings for many on both "sides".

    A sensitive and bruised community observes a good organization appoint a CEO who once declared himself their opposition. Real people become very sad and very scared. They develop a fear that Eich may use his increased stature and resources to oppose them again. Then they react quickly, doing and saying irrational things. The internet amplifies this reaction because it's a slow news week or whatever. Then others react and it just becomes a drama-swamp.

    Will Mozilla pull through this?
    Yes, Mozilla is bigger than one man's beliefs.

    Will Mozilla Corp. do a better job of recognizing potential mishaps like this and communicating with Mozilla the Community and the public quickly and effectively?

  3. I hope Mozilla recover gracefully and get stronger from this.
    Maybe the OkCupid backstep could mean the people are understanding and judging with more information.
    Maybe this would be a slow week for news.
    There is a slang/expression/joke in my culture for the "media amplification" effect: Is compared to someone who throw sh*t in a fan and spread everybody.

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